Private practice Ursula Stix

Specialist for general medicine

Certified biologist


Dear visitors and patients,

On the 1st of April, 2016 my private practice in Dischingen-Eglingen, situated in the picturesque Swabian region between Aalen, Nördlingen, Donauwoerth and Heidenheim at the river Brenz, has opened its doors.

The main focus of my work is in the field of the chronic illnesses of rheumatism, asthma or neurodermitits by constantly recurring infections, burn-out syndrome, depressions, sleeping disturbances, up to stress-induced illnesses, as well as chronic Borreliosis with its numerous co-infections. Read more details in the approach section on the web page.

Thereby, I am particularly devoted to take as much time as necessary for each of my patients to find the exact causes of your suffering in a detailed anamnesis and under inclusion of all available diagnostic measures and to develop the individual treatment best for you.