Doctor’s fee

The fee is calculated according to the regulations by law of the GOÄ (German medical fee schedule for doctors), with a factor of 3.5. In case of longer speech times which extend the general analog figures 30 or 31 (30 to 60 minutes), the billing factor increases to outbalance the extension. Thus a 30-minutes charge sums up to approx. 60-90 Euros.

A note for private insurance patients: The fee persists, not depending on the acceptance of the insurance company or other. Corrections of the invoices or correspondence with the insurance companies are not done by us. Explanations will be given before the treatment start.


Laboratory costs

The examination material/blood will be send to the best available laboratory, depending on which values are to be examined.
Technical environment, transport duration and previous experiences with the quality of the laboratory service are the choice criteria.

The costs (overview attached) will be charged directly by the lab. There is no economic benefit for the practice regarding the laboratory service.



Medication, remedies, cures, medical substances and other drugs will be prescribed and are available in pharmacies or partly at the specific stores.