• Are only naturopathic drugs given?

    No, the complete spectrum of the nowadays available medication will be used.
    Often however, specific naturopathic drugs, especially at an antibiotic or antiviral therapy have been proven as especially helpful, together with or in switch with the common medication.

  • Is a homeopathic therapy also available?

    Not in general.

  • Do you have any experience in treating chronic Borreliosis (Lyme disease)?

    Yes, in the last years I have treated several patients with chronic Borreliosis. I know the therapy schemes of some American and European colleagues and I am a member of the German Lyme Disease association.

  • Do I have to repeat all of the lab tests?

    No. Of course every usable pre-result will be taken into account also for economic reasons.

  • Can my GP take over the therapy and continue the treatment?

    Yes, of course – this would be the ideal case.

  • How often do I need to visit the practice?

    At least twice. Two personal appointments are needed/required.  The first consultation regarding anamnesis and the second appointment for discussion of the results and defining the therapy/issuing the therapy plan.

  • Is a consultation by phone possible?

    Yes, if you have questions left during the therapy.

  • Do I have to quit my current treatment?

    No! This decision will be made after a detailed examination together.

  • How do I reach the practice?

    As you can see from the map, Eglingen is located in the middle of Stuttgart and Munich. So if you travel by plane, these two airports would be the closest. We recommend you to rent a car. In certain exceptional cases, we can organize a shuttle service from Donauwörth. For this case, please contact us for further planning.

  • Are there possibilities for accommodations /hotels to stay overnight?

    Yes, in the building itself there are accommodations including breakfast. The nearest hotels are approx. 10 km from the practice. Please ask us if you require help with a hotel booking.